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Cumberland Garage Repairs

below you find the common parts that will need replacement

Overhead Torsion Spring

You can locate the overhead torsion spring above the garage door when down. The spring will be on a horizontal bar that stretches across the the top of the garage door. If you notice a crack in the spring or a separation in in the body of the spring, then you must have it replaced by a professional.

We offer the most affordable installation rates on all springs, backed up by a 2 year warranty on the torsion springs.

* WARNING-Overhead torsion springs hold extreamly high tension and must be installed by a qualitfied professional. Installation of any torsion spring may result in major injures.

Side Cables

The side cables are located on each side of the vertical track of the garage door. You will find the cables reach from the top of the cable drum to the bottom of the garage door connected to a bottom bracket. Most cable repairs are cause by a rusted bottom bracket or a rusted cable loop.

We always recommend changing both side cables to ensure equal strength.


Rollers and Hinges

Rollers are located on the ends of each panel and allow the garage door to run up and down the tracks of the garage door. The garage door rollers must all be inserted into the garage door tracks level in order for the garage door to run smoothly.


Hinges can be located at the ends and down the panel in order to attact each panel together. All hinges must be tight and leveled in order for the garage door to run properly.


All our parts carry an extended warrenty depending on the part. All our repair services carry 30 days on and repair or installation.


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